Technical Manuals

Brick Insulation Solutions

This Technical Report has now been amended to cover the headings of "Types of insulation", and the Partial cavity insulation sections have been reworded.

Calculating Quantities of Cement, Lime & Sand

A beginners guide to mixing mortar. Useful information for all Clay Brick DIY projects. Technical Guide

Part 2 The Language of Clay Bricks

Part 3 Product Specification and Physical Properties

3.1 Overall dimensions and tolerances
3.2 Warpage and tolerance
3.3 Brick strength
3.4 Efflorescence
3.5 Irreversible moisture expansion
3.6 Other properties

3.6.1 Durability: Selection criteria
3.6.2 Initial rate of absorption
3.6.3 Fire resistance
3.6.4 Acoustic insulation
3.6.5 Thermal proper ties

Cleaning Brickwork

A beginners guide to cleaning brickwork. Useful information for all Clay Brick DIY projects.

Revised Building Contractors Handbook

Content of the Revised Building Contractors Handbook (updated July 2011) includes:

1. Site management, key to more profit
2. Building lines, survey pegs, setting out
3. Foundations, footings and surface beds
4. Water proofing and damp proof courses
5. Brick types and properties
6. Bonds, jointing and mortar mixes
7. Good bricklaying

Technisheet 1 - Walling

The growing trend of crafting landscapes into eco-sensitive built environments has encouraged the use of natural products like clay brick to be successfully utilised in applications where durability and versatility are critical to the overall aesthetic value and design.

The Properties of Clay Brick

An overview of the properties of clay brick including thermal capacity, moisture absorption and more.